English For Travelling – #Pku19 in English Class

Akademi Berbagi Pekanbaru on English Class!! what a complicated for the first time with an assumption learning English is difficult and Boring. “Berbagi Bikin Happy” thats why our class revealed all this assumption, 19th Class of Akaademi Berbagi Pekanbaru held on Sunday (30/11) entitled English For Travelling“.

Located at Chevron Energy Corner, Soeman H.S Library 4th Floor the class excited and fun. No complaints at all by the participants although since the beginning of this class is presented in English.

Zaldi Harfal as the teacher are also incorporated in Riau PCMI, 24 Years Old have had a Youth Exchange Program to Canada. He is also a teacherEnglish First” Pekanbaru.kelasApproximately 30 participants attending the class and for 30 participants the teacher has rules for this session. There are two rules that it conveys, that during the whole class will be presented in English which will be filled with lots of games associated with traveling. Both when he said “Money” all participants should complain Thumb and forefinger as if hinting money. If a competitor fails to do so will be punished in the form of a paper hanger that has been prepared similar to the Dollar with values ranging from 1-500.

Grouping, thats Zaldi method for this class and offcourse Various games were presented to the participants while providing knowledge, what should be done or prepared if you want to holiday abroad. Two hours passed with fun. Although some participants transformed into a tree due punishment received money from the games are held.


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